Subscription terms for fENNA

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Subscription or account

The access to your fENNA account works like a subscription. We use the word “subscription” when  talking about terms and charges for your access. This includes the time-frame for which your access to your account is granted: the subscription term.

Annually or monthly

Access to your fENNA account is extended monthly or annually. When you create an account, it is set to monthly extention. You can change this in the subscription-settings. After the current term has been expired, access is extended by the period that is indicated there, so, by a month or a year.
In the subscription-settings, you can find the expiration date of the current term.

Accounts that are extended annually, receive an alert for each upcoming extension, via email, 10 days in advance.

Free accounts

Free accounts do not have an expiration date, but are de-activated after not being used for 6 months.

Trial period

Accounts are created for a trial period, to not extend by default. If you wish to use fENNA permanently, you’ll need to activate account-renewal. Only then, the subscription changes into a regular one, and will you be charged.

Ending the subscription

Your subscription is ended by setting automatic renewal to “No”. Your fENNA account will be accessible until the currently set expiry date, but access will not be extended beyond, and no new charges will be made to your account.


Compensation for your fENNA access is charged in advance. You’ll receive an invoice at the start of the term, and the amount is chargde to your bank two weeks later.

Direct debit

Using fENNA requires a mandate for charging the compensation via direct debit. You can set up this authorisation in mandate-settings in fENNA. To assure that all works as it should, we ask you to transfer an amount of 1 cent. If that works, we know that no istakes are possible. If you have no mandate set, access to your account is restricted.
Free accounts do not require a mandate to be set.


It could happen that you could not, for whatever reason, set the mandate, or that the mandate was withdrawn. In this case, you get three opportunities to log in, and use to fENNA,  if you promise to set the mandate the next time.

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