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Interface Dutch or English interfaceFor English speakers, fENNA can be used and understood in
  Drag-and-drop interface
A modern interface lets you work with hardly any typing, but by “drag-and-drop”. It saves time and
avoids errors!
Invoicing Online PDF invoicesCreate PDF-invoices and send them via email. fENNA sends you a copy, and keeps
track of them for you as well.
  Upload your own logoUpload your logo, to add your own style to your invoices and
  Extensive layout functions (including PDF-templates)Upload PDF-templates for your invoices and
  Opening confirmation for invoice-emailFind out if, and when the email containing the invoice was
opened. Same for quotations, reminding or dunning.
  Invoices in English, French or GermanSend your invoices in English, French or German without
worrying about the translations.
  Dynamic invoice textsPut codes in the descriptions of your invoices to make time-references, for
example specifing “last month” or “last year”.
  UBL-invoices (electronic invoices)Create invoices according to the PEPPOL 3.0 standard, making it
easty for some customers to process them, and get paid sooner!
  Scheduling billingSet the invoice up for sending at a specified time in the future.
  Periodic billingLet fENNA send invoices periodically, until a set number of times, date has been
  Attachments for invoicesAdd specifications and other attachments to your invoices.
  Send invoices to CCSend (all) your invoices to an alternative email-box, for example for your accountant.
  Email alert for overduesReceive an email if the payment date for an invoice has expired, while the
invoice hasn’t been paid yet.
  Cancellation invoice (credit note)Create a cancellation invoice at the click of a button. The
original invoice is automatically settled by this cancelation invoice. It’s like throwing the
invoice in the bin (just like the icon to use).
  Deleting invoicesThe most recent invoice can be deleted as long as it has not yet been paid, or
part of a VAT submission.
  Changing sent invoicesas long as an invoice was not part of a VAT submission, it can be changed
and resent. This way, small issues don’t have to take long to resolve.
Quotations Trial quotationsCreate quotations and email them to yourself, to see how your prospect will
receive and sign them electronically.
  Create PDF-quotations onlineCreate quotations for your products or services and email them to your
  PDF templates for layoutUse PDF-templates for your invoices and quotations.
  PDF-order confirmationsCreate and send order confirmations and have them signed before starting
  Open-confirmation of quotationsGet information on if, and when, the email with your quotation or
order-confirmation was opened.
  Electronic signingJe customers sign your quotations or order confirmations digitally, and fENNA
stores the signed quotations.
  Bill quotations directlyDrag signed quotations into the invoice screen to bill them without error,
putting in the right reference.
Collecting iDEAL payment linkAdd an iDeal payment link to your invoice. Using the option to pay via iDeal
improves the times invoices are being paid. Invoices are set to “paid” immediately after
  RemindingIf an invoice is not sent in time, you can send a reminder by a click on a button.
Complete and carefully stated, in Dutch, English, French or German.
  DunningIf an invoice is left unpaid after reminding, you can send a dunning letter (WIK brief)
according to legal standards. It specifies legally set collection fees, which, of course, fENNA
calculates for you.
  Collection-services for freeIn case you might need it, you can, as fENNA subscriber, rely on
collection services of Excellent Incasso for free. This let’s you collect your money, and keep your
Products Product managementDefine your products and serverices, and associated pricing.
  Sales units for your productsAssign units to your products and services, to improve clarity of
your quotations and invoices.
  Product groupsGroup your products, and assign them to product groups, according to your own
insight. This improves sales reporting.
  Product-categoriesAssign your product groups to product categories, to improve your
  Product-upload (many items)Dowload your products in Excel, and upload them again with the required
adjustments or additions. This is super-convenient for mass-maintenance of your product-set.
Payments Cash bookKeep track of cash payments quickly and easily.
  Importing bank mutationsImport bank transactions using MT-490, and have the posted in your
accounts. Process them automatically or manually after.
  Importing Mollie-paymentsImport the payments you have processed via Mollie, to process the iDeal
payments for your invoices automatically.
  Automatic invoice settlementWhen processing payments, open invoices are settled, whenever the
payments can be matched.
  Processing rules for paymentsMake fENNA processing your payments automatically, for example for
private withdrawals, so your administration is up to date in no time.
  Automatically post purchases from paymentsTeach fENNA how to process recurring expense payments,
by posting them as pruchases automatically. VAT is posted automatically. A huge time-saver.
Purchases PurchasesPost expenses simply and quickly as purchases, so fENNA processes the VAT
  ReimbursementsMake sure you get the expenses, you funded privately, back by posting them as
reimbursements. fENNA processes them in the accounts, and helps get your VAT back.
  Attachements for purchasesAdd receipts and invoices to your purchases, for future auditing.
VAT Automated VAT administrationfENNA keeps track of VAT paid and charged, to help you getting your
VAT submisison correct.
  Auto-populated VAT formfENNA populates the VAT form automatically, using the VAT data of the
automated VAT administration. If needed, you can override manually.
  Integrated VAT submissionYou submit your VAT with a push of a button. You get a transscript in the
mail, and a confirmation after the Belastingdienst has accepted your submission (Dutch only).
  Integrated VAT supplementYou submit your VAT supplement with a push of a button. You get a
transscript in the mail, and a confirmation after the Belastingdienst has accepted your submission
(Dutch only).
  Submission Intra-Community Performance (ICP)fENNA keeps track of VAT-reversals, and uses that
information to populate the ICP submission. submit with a push of the button.
Accounting Complete, automatically created.Regardless what subscription you take, fENNA is being delivered
with all general ldger accounts inplace, so everything is ready for you, anyway.
  Journal entriesIf needed, make your own journal entries in a clean, intuïtive screen.
  Openingsbalance entryTransfer to fENNA with ease by populating the opening balance once, and let
fENNA work for you.
  Investments (fixed assets)Identify asset purchases and have fENNA process them at a push of a
  Automatic depreciationsUsing a unique process, fENNA posts all depreciations at once, for the
entire economic lifespan of your asset. Never worry anymore!
  Disinvestments (fixed assets)Post disinvestments correctly in a few clicks. Let fENNA do the
  Automatic Year-end closingActions in the new year automatically trigger closure of the previous
one. Hands-free!
Reporting Sales report (customer level)Find out which customers are repsonsible for the most revenue, and
how they do over time.
  Sales report (product level)Find out what products and product groups are repsonsible for the most
  Balance sheetThe status of the company is represented in a readible and recognizable balance
  Profit- and loss statementThe profit- and loss statement provides an overview of the year’s
performance, compared to the previous year.
  Trial balanceThe trial balance provides insight in accumulated account mutations per
  Ledger cardsLedger cards give detailed information on all transactions that have hit an
  Open items reportThe open items reports provide an overview of open invoices per customer or
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